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Mutawakkilite kingdom of Yemen 1 Rial Sir Winston Churchill 1965

Mutawakkilite kingdom of Yemen 1 Rial 1965

al-Mansúr bi-Alláh Muhammad al-Badr - Sir Winston Churchill

                     Nominal Value 
   Mintage    Year
               1 Rial 
  37 mm
   6000      1965

The coin was mint under Imam Badr -  he was the last king of Yemen. He ruled Mutawakkilite Kingdom of Yemen. He took the power after death of his father in September 1962 . He appointed  Abdullah al-Sallala as General of his troops. Sallala cuple days later made a coup and founded Yemen Arab Republic.  Civil war broke out. On the one side royalist with Imam Badr supported by Saudi family while on opposite corner Sallal supported by Egypt. Conflict continued periodically until 1967 but the fights was until 1970 when peace was made and other nations recognize independence YAR.

Civili war starts in 1962 and end when they make peace and other nation recognise independency of YAR in 1970
This coin was minted in 1965 so it fits in Civil War time but never came into circulation so we cant treat this coin as civil war coinage.The coin is reported to be legal tender in areas under Royalist control (
The Milwaukee Journal of May 29, 1966 by ) Coin was issued in Paris and probably was given  for high rank officials.

Also patter type exisit with descripition "essei" - 500 pcs


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