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Venezuela 3,000 Bolívares 2001 - Casa de la Moneda de Maracay

Venezuela 3,000 Bolívares 2001 - Casa de la Moneda de Maracay

Founding of the Casa de la Moneda de Maracay 1999

                     Nominal Value 
Mintage    Year
                   3,000 Bolivares
  35 mm
    5000      2001  

Since 1890 Venezuelan currencies have been coined abroad, in different countries and different companies.A century later, the Banco Centra de Venezuela returned to the idea of ​​a mint for Venezuela with the aim of improving the country's degree of autonomy in the supply of coins, banknotes and valued species.

The idea of ​​creating a Mint in Venezuela was born in March 1983, when the board of the Central Bank of Venezuela decided to acquire the parcel of land adjacent to the facilities of the issuing institute, then known as Manzana Norte and where the Plaza Juan Pedro López and underground facilities for Treasury purposes and vaults.

In 1989 the BCV decided to execute the project outside the urban center of the city of Caracas for strategic reasons. The hacienda La Placera, in Maracay, met the necessary conditions for the project, such as proximity to ports, good communication channels and availability of public services, as well as being located in an urban center of importance to the country. In 1998 the industrial complex of the House of the Currency of Venezuela was practically constructed and in 1999 began to produce the first Venezuelan coins of Bs.20, Bs.50, Bs.100 and Bs.500 with the logo of the CMV in the obverse. These coins came into circulation in June 2000.

In 2001, the Mint of Venezuela coined coins of Bs.10, Bs.20, Bs.50, Bs.100 and Bs.500 and a new note of Bs.10.000, whose characteristic element was to include of the text "Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela". That year the factory of valued species began to establish contacts for the elaboration of stamps and fiscal stamps for various governorates.

The Mint of Venezuela (CMV) is an industrial complex that has the highest technology to coin coins, print bills and produce valued species (stamps and fiscal stamps, sealed paper, guarantee bands, among others).

The Venezuelan Mint is made up of three factories interconnected by a corridor for the movement of raw materials and other inputs. It extends on an area of ​​22.5 hectares in lands corresponding to the hacienda La Placera, in Maracay.

Its location offers easy and safe access by land, air and sea, as it is an area close to the ports of La Guaira and Puerto Cabello, a fundamental aspect for the transfer of raw material; Also close to Caracas, in addition to having good means of communication and availability of public services.

The coin factory, which corresponds to coin legal tender currencies, is located in the center of the complex. It owns seven Schuler brand minting presses, with a capacity to produce 324 million coins a year.

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