Monday, June 1, 2015

Peru 1 Nuevo Sol Ciudad Sagrada De Caral 2014

Wealth and Pride of Peru Series - Caral

1 Nuevo Sol Ciudad Sagrada De Caral 2014

                     Alloy                        Dimensions     Weight     Mintage     Date of issue

     Copper-nickel-zinc (Alpaca)     25.5mm      7.32g    10,000,000        2014

 Ancient Civilization Caral (3000-1900 BC) was formed in America simultaneously with those of Mesopotamia, Egypt, India and China in the oldworld, but unlike them, they exchanged knowledge andexperiences, Caral achieved its early development in isolation.The complexity achieved by the company in organization, expressionscultural, knowledge and technology was evidenced in works andancient materials that convey significant messages: ondriving the population shared with the authorities; theagricultural and fisheries complementarity necessary for human nutrition;weather forecasting by astronomy; the application ofresistant technologies and stability in earthquake engineering; the combinationwork with music in a global vision of humanity.The Caral civilization was created by organized labor of itspeople under a sociopolitical system that managed resources from thePacific Ocean to the Amazon Basin, Ecuador and Bolivia, through theinteraction and exchange in peace.

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