Saturday, July 11, 2015

Latvia 1 Lats Owl Fibula

Latvia 1 Lats Owl Fibula 2007

                     Nominal Value 
      Mintage            Year
              1 Lats
4,8 g
  21.75 mm
       1 000 000          2007

Great, with silver-plated owl fibulae were widespread Baltic tribes (Zemgale and Cours) populated area average in the second half of the Iron Age (8th and 9th century.) And were used for fastening men's clothing. Latvian territory now found in about 30 fibulae (including 20 - Latgalian), some - also present in Lithuania and Estonia. Their preparation was required excellent craftsmanship, and the process was very laborious. Fibulae found only rich people's graves and his time regarded as a prestigious object. 

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