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Uzbekistan 100 So'm Arch of Independence 2009

Uzbekistan 100 So'm Arch of Independence 2009
2200th Anniversary of Tashkent Series - Arch of Independence

                     Nominal Value 
      Mintage          Year
              100 So'm
Copper-nickel clad Steel
8 g
   27 mm
            N/A             2009

The largest square in Tashkent is more like a large park than a square. With several monuments and fountains, surrounded by impressive public buildings and filled with trees and flower beds, the Independence Square in Tashkent is a showcase of modern Uzbekistan. The entrance to Mustakillik Square is through the Ezgulik decorated archway (the arch of good and noble aspirations) adorned with sculptures of storks taking flight. Bearing in mind their most intimate desires, all passing under the arch are ushered into the center of Mustakillik Square, where the Independence Monument rises.

The Monument of Independence (1991), which marks the sovereignty of Uzbekistan, is a large golden globe with outlines of the borders (territorial) of the State. But the engraved territory of the Republic does not repeat the geographical location of the country, as it symbolizes the desire of the young independent state to join the world community and its recognition by many countries.

The “Happy Mother” monument (2006) was completed by the sculptor, Ilhomom Kamolom Dzhabbarovymi. The image symbolizes a mother's homeland, and a child - the image of the future. The Happy Mother is 6 meters high and the length of the child is 3.5 meters. The monument is simple, but solemn.

A simple Uzbek woman with a kind face and happy eyes: this is a symbol of the homeland, life and wisdom. Her open eyes are fixed on the dearest thing which any mother has - her child, symbolizing the birth of the young independent state. She carefully keeps her priceless treasure, it is in safe hands and no one and will ever be able to wrest it from her. She will nurture and raise him, in order that he grew up worthy of his mother – the Motherland.

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