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50 Tenge Kazakhstan Mukan Tulebaev

50 Tenge Kazakhstan Mukan Tulebaev 2013

100 years of M. Tulebayev

        Nominal Value 
        Mintage         Year
         50 Tenge
11,17 g
  31 mm
       100 000         2013

Mukan Tulebayev (1913-1960) was a composer.Native of the village of the district of Almaty region.

M.Tulebaev composed operas, orchestral or vocal-symphonic works, chamber and instrumental plays and songs, each of the deep sensitivity of the veracity of the musical language, a kind of signature aloof. The artistic vision of a strong intellectual capacity and the signs of his works, a clear ideological and artistic direction of the national Genuine Brand saturated color. 

Tulebaev managed to create more than a hundred pieces of music. All of the opera paid special attention to the works of oratorio, song and romance. Especially, "Birjan and Sara" his musical talent is not only the top of a cliff, as well as the culture of the XX century Kazakh music.

At the revers is an image of a monument of M. Tulebayev which is located in Almaty city
The date -1913-2013- that mean year of birth and year of issue

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