Friday, November 20, 2015

UGANDA 1000 Shillings Altdorf Wilhelm Tell 1996

Uganda 1000 Shillings Altdorf Wilhelm Tell

Famous places in the world

        Nominal Value 
   Mintage       Year
         1000 Shillings 
 Cu-Ni proof colored    
  38.14 mm
   15 000      1996

The 'Tell Monument' (German: Telldenkmal) is a memorial to William Tell in the market place of Altdorf, Canton of Uri, Switzerland.

The bronze statue by sculptor Richard Kissling was inaugurated on August 28, 1895 at the foot of an old tower. It shows the Swiss national hero with his crossbow and accompanied by his son. At the base is the
 traditional date of Rütlischwur of 1307.

Behind the statue is a big bronze plate with the following inscription:
Erzæhlen Wird Man Von Dem Schützen Tell
So Lang Die Berge Steh'n Auf Ihrem Grunde.
This translates to: It will be talked about (in the sense of "stories will be told about") the marksman Tell as long as the mountains stand on their base. Own

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