Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Turkey 2,5 Turkish Lira 2016 Nasreddin Hodja

Turkey 2,5 Turkish Lira 2016  Nasreddin Hodja

Nasreddin Hodja - Tale Heroes Series No.2

                     Nominal Value 
   Mintage    Year
               2,5 TL 
  38 mm
   3000       2016

The rumor that Nasreddin Hodja was born in Sivrihisar Eskişehir and he settled in Aksehir in the 1200s who is a scholar philosophical personality. He died in Aksehir in the year 1275-76 or 1285-86 and arranged grave is also located here. Festival is held each year on behalf of Nasreddin Hodja in Akşehir in 5-10 July.

Nasreddin Hodja is an important figure history of world literature not only in the Turkey with his jokes and humorous stories with emphasis on his human relationship. Nasreddin Hodja is a saint who is known to showing the good way, announce benefactions and abstain from evils to people. Nasreddin Hodja has philosophical personality, knowledge and wisdom who announced what issues are in a manner that can be understood by everyone's level with significant short banter and witty manner.

One day Nasreddin Hodja take into the hands of yogurt yeast "bakraç" (usually small bucket made from copper) and hit the road towards to lake, then when he came in the lake's edge, he began to pour yogurt yeast with spoon to the lake, and while the villagers which were in around the lake, were watching Nasreddin Hodja in amazement, one of them came up Nasreddin Hodja.
- Hey hodja? What are you doing? He asked.
- I'm adding yogurt yeast into the lake, hodja said.


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