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Tunisia 1969 1 Dīnar - History of Tunisia Series Phoenices

Tunisia 1969 1 Dīnar - Phoenices

History of Tunisia Series Phoenices

                     Nominal Value 
   Mintage    Year
               1 Dinar  
  40 mm
   5000*       1969

Phoenicia was an ancient Semitic thalassocratic civilization of unknown origin situated on the coastal part of the Fertile Crescent, on the coastline of what is now Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, Palestine and Syria, though some colonies reached the Western Mediterranean and even the Atlantic Ocean. The enterprising, sea-based Phoenician civilization spread across the Mediterranean between 1500 BC and 300 BC.

So why this coin is part of Tunisian coin set "History of Tunisia Series" ? Because of Carthage a Phoenician city-state located near present-day Tunis, Tunisia.

Carthage was founded in 814 BC. A dependency of the Phoenician state of Tyre at the time, Carthage gained independence around 650 BC and established its political hegemony over other Phoenician settlements throughout the western Mediterranean, this lasting until the end of the 3rd century BC. At the height of the city's prominence it served as a major hub of trade, with trading stations extending throughout the region.

On the coin you can found Phoenician ship with head of  Tanit - Punic and Phoenician goddess. By phoenicia.org it is known that  Punicians, Phoenicians, Carthaginians are the same people - the Canaanites. More details you can find on this website.

*Going back to the coin, there are two types proof minted, one  by Numismatica Italiana Arezzo, Italy mint  (Ni mark on the coin) - 5000 pcs and also  Ni with FM mark ( Franklin Mint) 15.000pcs

source: wikipedia/ own

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